Privacy Statement

Legislation in the UK obliges us to provide a privacy statement outlining ways in which we capture and use data that may be able to indentify individuals who visit our website. Below we list the forms of data that are potentially obtained from you when you visit our site and the purposes to which those data may be put.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that you may have certain rights of access to any personal data held. More information about those rights is available from the official site.

Type of DataUsed For
Cookies - a mechanism whereby an individual visitor to a website can anonymously but uniquely be identified We may choose to use cookies on this site:
  • as a way of tracking visitors' use of the site to improve its design and usability
  • as a way of detecting errors so that they may be corrected
  • as a mechanism for supporting sessions which contain information such as user preferences, the state of shopping carts and similar selections, and similar purposes necessary for the smooth and effective delivery of an effective website.
We will not use cookies on this site:
  • to obtain information that would be provided to third parties
  • for bulk-email or mass marketing purposes
Session Identifiers — a mechanism whereby an individual visitor to a website can anonymously but uniquely be identified in the absence of or in addition to the use of cookies We may choose to use Session Identifiers on this site in the same ways as described above for cookies.
Email addresses

Where we invite visitors to provide us with their email address we may retain that address for various purposes:

  • so that we may respond to an enquiry
  • so that we may occasionally provide updates on our services and products
  • so that we may contact visitors for the purposes of obtaining their opinion on our products and services
  • for automatic confirmation of subscription to certain services we may choose to offer or where an individual is invited to submit comments, opinions or other information intended for entry into an online database or similar resource

We will not use email addresses for

  • supply to to third parties for any purpose
  • regular mailshots, newsletters or other bulk email (spam) activities unless prior permission has been obtained.
Information automatically provided by your browser software Every browser (the software that is used to view web sites) automatically provides a small amount of information about each page that it requests. In certain cases that information may be enough to uniquely identify an individual - see UK Dataprotection Office. Like every other website, our software keeps that information for error detection and statistical purposes. It is not disclosed to third parties. We may at our discretion keep that information for up to one year before it is deleted.

It appears to be extremely difficult to comply with this legislation in its entirety; consequently we would be extremely grateful if anyone who believes that we do not so comply would contact us with their view at the earliest possible opportunity, quoting specifics and, ideally, case history. It is our intention to comply to the greatest degree possible consistent with our understanding of the (as we see it) ambiguous and loosely worded guidance available.