Open Source Downloads

This section of our site lists downloadable (gzipped tar archives) sources that we make available. These are published under the GPL.

They should be considered unsupported, unwarranted and untested programs used for demonstration purposes only. Use at your own risk.

At present the only software available is the Linux GPS receiver software based on the Qt toolkit. This provides for simple logging of a journey, replay of a logged journey, a real-time moving map display and the ability to add and edit your own maps and features. For copyright reasons this software does not come bundled with a usable set of maps. The current release level is 1.0 and the gzipped archive is approximately 1.5MB including a fully working binary and one sample map. Download it.

QtGPS has been used for some time in the UK and seems to work well (though it is simple) in that region. There are some known issues to do with coordinate translation on large-scale maps and it is NOT advisable to use this software for safety critical applications; it's for fun only. There is some evidence that it needs additional work for use at higher latitudes where the coordinate mapping may be inaccurate. It will be hopeless in polar regions and would benefit from the attention of someone whose spherical geometry is a whole lot better than mine! As a personal navigation tool for a laptop sat on a car seat, it delivers just what I want.