Linux & Open Source

GBdirect is one of the small band of companies in the UK providing commercial support for Linux and Open Source Software systems. We have been users of Linux and Unix systems dating back to almost its earliest days, even having a working copy of Minix somewhere in the pile of junk that passes for our storeroom, reputedly with Andy Tanenbaum's own handwriting on the disks.

On the pages in this section of our website we describe some of the experiences we have had using Linux in commercial applications and the products that we are offering based on that experience.

If you have questions about the use of Linux as a serious computing solution, we will be happy to help — please contact our Linux consultants here.

We've found over our years of consultancy and development that Linux has been the answer to many of our questions. That's not to say its perfect, but its versatility has at times surprised even us. We've used it to link two Windows based networks together and as a firewall and/or email solution as well as having fun with our twin-processor machine.